Tyninghame village is a charming Conservation Area with pretty pink houses 25miles (40km) from Edinburgh and 5miles (8km) west of Dunbar, however, the village was not always located in its current site.

Just to the north east is Tyninghame House which is now private flats. There was a settlement here in the mid-700s when St Baldred founded a religious community. In AD941 the monastery was burned by the Danes. The site at Tyninghame was built upon and developed until 1761 when The Earl of Haddington demolished the village to make room for a bigger garden for Tyninghame House! The village was rebuilt in its current spot.

Tyninghame House was reputed to have some of the finest and best-furnished rooms in Scotland. When the 12th Earl died in 1986 the house and contents were auctioned. Luckily the most important books went to the National Museum of Scotland.

The Tyninghame Smithy is now a lovely café with a courtyard - a popular stopping off point for those cycling and walking in the East Lothian countryside.


What to see and do

Sit back, relax and watch the world go by as you enjoy a bite to eat at Tyninghame Smithy.
Take time to admire the village hall which is a listed building and the quaint houses that line the road.
Explore the woodland and stunning beach at Tyninghame Bay where you might spot wintering and migratory birds on the salt marshes of John Muir Country Park.