Dating to the 1500s, Stenton, which means 'Stone town', is a traditional agricultural village 6miles (9.5km) south-west of Dunbar. The farming focused on cattle and sheep which were sold at weekly markets. You can see the evidence of the markets, scales and mercat (market) posts in Stenton’s East Green. It is an Outstanding Conservation Area steeped in history and with charming well preserved architecture. Many of the buildings are built from red sandstone with orange pantile roofs. Be sure to have a look at Stenton’s Gothic Parish Church which was built in 1829 and admire the 19th century stained glass windows which are among the best of the period.

Just outside Stenton is Pressmennan Wood which is managed by the Scottish Woodland Trust. This mature woodland sits on a vantage point overlooking Pressmennan Lake. There are lots of way-marked paths to choose from and plenty of wildlife to spot. Look out for roe deer, bats, woodpeckers and otters!


What to see and do

Stroll through the charming village and appreciate the architecture and the remnants of times gone by.
Check out the impressive stained glass windows in Stenton’s Gothic Parish Church.
Take a walk through Pressmennan Wood around the lake and see what animals you can spot.
Children will love to go hunting for the mythical creatures - the Glingbobs and Tootflits – who make their homes in the trees in Pressmennan Wood.