Many of the houses in the pretty village of Garvald which is 6.5miles (10km) from Haddington are built from rose-coloured freestone from a nearby quarry. This stone is similar to sandstone and easily carved by the ‘freemasons’ who work it. The impressive St Mary’s Church in Haddington is built from the same freestone.

All around the Garvald area are the remains of prehistoric houses, stone circles and burial cairns. Limekilns were also a common feature. Built into hillsides, the kilns combined coal and limestone to produce agricultural lime. This was added to the soil, reducing acidity and producing better crops.

It’s difficult to imagine as you stand in this genteel village that Garvald once had two breweries, three public houses, shops, blacksmiths, coopers and other trades!


What to see and do

Spend some time in the village centre which has a play park for younger visitors and the traditional Garvald Inn which makes a very tasty food & drink stop.
Pay the church a visit - the north-west corner dates from the 12th century and there is a sundial dated 1633.
Head out in to the Lammermuir Hills and discover the ancient site of White Castle for some amazing views!
Stop by Sancta Maria Abbey at Nunraw just outside Garvald.  This new abbey was built in the 1950s and 1960s by the Cistercian monks who live and work here on the site of much older religious settlements. The chapel is open to everyone for prayer and worship and the monks offer spiritual retreats.