East Lothian is home to a wide range of beautiful beaches and open ocean that provide perfect conditions for the watersport enthusiast.


East Lothian has multiple rock climbing locations all within easy reach.  Coaching is available for small groups or for individuals so everyone gets great coaching and time with the instructor to help you get the most out of your day.


Coasteering is a unique way to explore an inaccessible environment between land and ocean which involves swimming, climbing, jumping and exploring over rock and water.  It's fun and exhilirating! 


Diving off Scotland’s south east coast has been described as world class with a huge variety of ship wrecks and underwater cliff dives in and around the Forth, Bass Rock and Isle of May.  North Berwick & Dunbar are renowned locations for diving in East Lothian.

Kitesurfing, Kiteboarding and Windsurfing

East Lothian provides flat beaches for kiteboarding and ideal wind and waves for the local kitesurfing population.  With over 270 degrees of rideable wind conditions, this area is one of the most accessible top spots for kitesurfing in the UK.  This sport can be enjoyed by all but it is best to seek out qualified instruction, as certain wind conditions can be exceptionally dangerous!  Kitesurfing, kiteboarding and windsurfing have all taken off at Longniddry and Gullane.  The predominant westerly winds allow perfect cross shore conditions for jumping and speed moves with East Lothian’s local kiting population getting plenty of opportunity to shine!


The beaches and reefs in East Lothian provide excellent training conditions for both beginner and advanced kayaking enthusiast.  With so much of the coastline not accessible by foot, sea kayaking can give you a wonderful sense of exploration and adventure.  North Berwick provides the perfect launch point for sea kayakers, while beaches such as Tantallon provide waves for the enthusiastic surf kayaker.


The Firth of Forth has some spectacular places and landmarks to visit.  Get and close to these on a stand up paddleboard and take in the amazing scenery and coastline from the water.


East Lothian caters for all types of sailing, from small dinghies to large yachts, from cruising to club and national racing championships.  The Forth plays host to regular sailing regattas, and with a rich history in sailing there are many clubs to choose from.  For local clubs and harbour information the first step is the Royal Yachting Association for Scotland.  Moving out of the estuary into the North Sea can provide more challenging sailing, with good tide and weather planning required to ensure a safe stop in one of the traditional fishing harbours.


Dunbar plays hosts to the best surfable waves in the area, with local surfers having surfed wave faces as big as 12ft.  Belhaven is the most exposed beach in East Lothian to different swell directions and provides the home for the Belhaven Surf Club, currently the second top club in Scotland.  Surf lessons are available in Dunbar from surf schools.


Cable wakeboarding is the world’s fastest growing watersports, using an overhead cable which pulls you over the surface of the lake with a feel similar to surfing or snowboarding but on water.  Wakeboarding is one of the most progressive extreme sports and most people manage to get up on their board, find their feet and start carving in their first session.