Romantic Places to Propose in East Lothian

February 1, 2024

Valentine’s Day is just around a corner, 2024 is a leap year, you’ve found the love of your life and cannot wait to share a lifetime of memories together, you’re ready to pop the question, but where? East Lothian has many breath-taking backdrops for a romantic proposal. From historic castles to beautiful rolling landscapes and stunning coastlines, this amazing region offers unique and memorable settings for declaring your love. Here are our top five spots!

Seacliff Beach

Secluded and intimate, Seacliff Beach is an idyllic haven. The golden sands and rugged cliffs offer a timeless setting with the majestic Tantallon Castle and the iconic Bass Rock as your background. As the sun begins to set, it’s a magical place and the prefect spot to make your declaration of love.

Aberlady Bay

A nature reserve known for its diverse wildlife and tranquil surroundings with uninterrupted views of the Firth of Forth. An ideal place to take a leisurely stroll along the long sandy bay and find quiet place before getting down on one knee.

The Lammermuirs

How about a walk in the hills to remember? Climb up to the highest point or enjoy a quiet moment for a picnic in the Lammermuir Hills. As you stand together taking in the panoramic views, you’ll find the perfect moment to ask that most important question.

Bridge to Nowhere

The distinctive beauty of the Bridge of Nowhere and the surrounding landscape of Belhaven Bay creates an atmosphere that is special for a proposal that goes beyond the ordinary. Just don’t get caught with the high tide as the bridge will be surrounded by water – now that would be a moment to remember!

Chesters Hill Fort

With its ancient ruins and stunning views of the surrounding countryside, this iron age fort offers a unique blend of history and natural beauty. Add to your own story as you stand in this historic place and ask for their hand in marriage!

Wherever you choose to say those all-important words will become a place that’s special to both of you for the rest of your lives #loveeastlothian!

To add a few special unique or unusual touches to your proposal, may it be eating out in a fine dining restaurant, taking to the sky in a microlight, sailing on the Forth or the ultimate thrill of an outdoor adventure go to for inspiration.

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Jackie Gardiner
Author: Jackie Gardiner

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