The village of Innerwick lies four miles south-east of Dunbar on the North Sea coast.  A couple of miles inland and well hidden from the roadside, stand the ruins of Innerwick Castle.  Perched on a sandstone outcrop, it overlooks Thornton Glen managed by the Scottish Wildlife Trust.  Built by the Stewart family, the castle held a strategic position against repeated English invasion until 1548, when it was captured and destroyed by the Duke of Somerset.  

What to see and do...

  • Located beside Torness Power Station is Thorntonloch Beach, a beautiful sandy beach, perfect for walks and the John Muir Way passes nearby.  
  • From here, you can walk to Bilsdean waterfall and Dunglass Collegiate Church founded in the 1440s by the Home Family.
  • Nearby is the remains of Doon Hill where Scotland's first generation farmers built a huge timber hall almost 6,000 years ago.