East Lothian Top Places for Great Photographs

July 4, 2018

Whether we’re on holiday, taking a walk or on a day out there’s no doubt that the photos we take are a very important part of our experiences.

East Lothian has no shortage of great locations for snapping special moments or capturing that amazing image that will be the envy of our friends!  Some of these are (or should be!) instantly recognisable.  Iconic places come to mind such as The Bass Rock, Tantallon Castle, North Berwick Law and The Bridge to Nowhere.

We are delighted to introduce you to another of our Young Digital Ambassadors who has a great talent for not only photographing but also filming some of these icons of East Lothian as well as some locations that tend not to feature quite so often.  

Simon Robertson who publishes as East Lothian by Drone – you’ve guessed it – has a great talent for aerial photography and we are pleased to be able to share some of his work with you and to give you a different view of East Lothian, Edinburgh’s Coast & Countryside.

Traprain Law

Hailes Castle

And what’s more – Simon has a full time job with Sky and produces this amazing work in his spare time.  He studied digital media and communications at university, which led to photography, filming and design becoming hobbies.  

Simons says, ‘ I see a lot of excel spread sheets and numbers all day and don’t have much time to enjoy the outdoors.  When I do get the chance combining my passion for media and design with the technical aspects of using a drone allows me to escape and experience the outdoors in a way that most people would never be able to and to bring wonderful places alive to visitors & locals.’

Visit East Lothian will be showcasing some of Simon’s work across our social platforms.  Please keep a look out as we share Simon’s experiences, introduce new places and old favourites from a new perspective and highlight the natural beauty and diversity of Scotland’s east coast.  

Check out East Lothian by Drone too and help Simon with is goal to share the new places he sees and have some fun along the way!





Author: icreation